Gun Safety


As of this writing, we have had 40 mass shootings, including 18 school shootings in 2018. To put that in perspective, today is Valentine’s Day.

I believe in gun rights and gun safety,  I also feel very strongly about sensible gun laws.

I believe in and will protect the second amendment. People in this country absolutely have the right to bear arms, however, we also need to protect ourselves from those that wish to do harm. I don’t need to explain the type of power that is placed in someone’s hands when they have access to a firearm. We need to ensure that people that shouldn’t have access to that power don’t get it. Guns & Ammo rated Indiana in the upper half of the “Best Places for Gun Owners”, conversely the Gifford Law Center gave Indiana a D- rating for gun safety laws.

We need gun sense in our state.

Background checks must be enforced at all venues where guns are purchased. Current law states that only licensed gun dealers have to conduct background checks, but private sale or “gun show” sales do not.  This simple act, typically with instant response times, results in markedly fewer intimate partner shooting deaths, suicides, and law enforcement officer deaths.

Gun safety training is not currently required in Indiana to own a firearm and is only one of 17 states that do not have a training requirement. Health professionals, gun enthusiasts, and the general population agree that training in safety and use is a good thing.  I would support legislation that requires anyone wishing to purchase a firearm to attend a safety training course with their initial purchase.

The sale of bump stocks rose significantly after the Las Vegas shooting. A bump stock essentially turns a semi-automatic weapon into one operating more like a fully automatic one. Laws are ambiguous at best, because they don’t physically alter the weapon. Currently, Indiana has no bans or regulations on the sale of bump stocks. I would support research into laws that would make the sale of bump stocks illegal.

I want to honor the intent of the second amendment while ensuring our population and law enforcement officials remain safe. I do not believe adding common sense regulations will take away from the rights afforded to our citizens.

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