Redistricting Reform


One of the most important themes of living in a democracy is that every vote counts. Unfortunately, in our state, that is not always the case. Current state law dictates that whichever political party is in control gets to be in charge of redrawing the voting districts every 10 years with the updated census. This system leads to the reigning party drawing the districts in their favor and not allowing for equal representation of voters.

Indiana’s districts, more specifically, the House Districts, are some of the worst gerrymandered in the country. This led to a bipartisan study on how the districts are drawn and the effects of the current system in 2015-2016. The recommendation of that study was that the job of redistricting should be turned over to an independent, nonpartisan commission of citizens and it was taken to Committee in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, when the bill was up for voting,  the Committee Chair refused to take a vote, thus killing the bill.

As your State Representative, I will work on and support legislation that reflects the outcomes and recommendations of the bipartisan redistricting study. I will put my full support behind having an independent council be in charge of drawing the districts. I believe that letting the party in power draw the boundaries only leads to an unfair advantage, which ultimately devalues the power of your vote.

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