Workers’ Rights


I am a proud member of the Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA). I’ve seen firsthand how my union supports working people and families, and I believe every worker should have access to these same benefits. As your Representative, I will fight for workers to ensure an equal playing field for all.

Our teachers’ unions, among many others, have been stripped of vital bargaining rights. The educators of our younger generation deserve all the tools they need to ensure a bright future for all of us. That’s why I want to empower teachers to negotiate for better salaries and facilities.

Right to Work laws have done nothing more than depress wages in Indiana. One recent study found that Indiana workers are earning 8% less than their counterparts in nearby states without these laws. Who’s in favor of this? Corporations and those who have a lot to gain from workers having fewer rights to collective bargaining. This cynical approach doesn’t help the people of Indiana, and I’ll fight to repeal these laws.

I’ll also work to bring back the Common Construction Wage. Three years ago, our state repealed the law guaranteeing construction workers a fair wage. Today, construction industry workers are making less than they were before, and the promised savings to taxpayers haven’t materialized. We need to restore the Common Construction Wage to be competitive with neighboring states and give workers a livable wage.

When workers are compensated fairly, our entire economy benefits. As your Representative, I’ll work to strengthen unions and our whole community.

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